Music Made in 2020...

The Man That

Got Away

Music by Harold Arlen

Lyrics by Ira Gershwin

Honoring the moments of live performance that we lost in 2020.

(all city scenes were filmed with social distance in mind.  Masks used between all shots.)

The Tale of

the Voyage of

The Captain

Music by Dan Kazemi

Lyrics by Michael Doherty

Concept by Alex Keiper


My darling boy was a brave and powerful fighter! Here's a tribute to our now fallen friend, The Captain and his harrowing journey from birth to safety. 


Music and Lyrics by Adele


A cover of Adele's first song on her first album, as we share some hightlights from our wedding on November 11th, 2019. The day before our first preview of "The Nerd" at Milwaukee Rep! 


Music and Lyrics by Flight of the Conchords

Comedy for these weary times.